33mm Polished Aluminum 4" Hex Spikes


Each Set Comes With

  • 4″ Long Spikes (Quantity: 10)
  • O-rings (Quantity: 10)
  • 33 mm Nuts (M 22 x 1.5) (Quantity: 10)

33mm Polished Aluminum 4" Spikes

Machined from T-6061 aluminum stock these spikes are specially designed to fit over the accommodating  33 mm 8×10 lug nut.

Installation is simple. First, place one of the hard rubber o-rings on the inside face of the spike. Next, screw the Dually Spike onto the 8×10 stud with the 33 mm nut already properly torqued down. 

When tightened down the o-ring will compress keeping the face of the spike from coming into contact with your wheel, thus preventing any scratching.

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