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Not at this time. Due to the vast number of dual wheels, truck models, and other important information, we prefer to speak with our customers prior to them ordering. We want to make sure each client’s needs are met 100%.

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No. What the dual wheel conversion gives you is the better stability (elimination of sway) and tire blow out protection. Additionally, you will bring your wheel and tire capacity up to equal what your axle’s gross vehicle weight rating, but it will not surpass the original equipment manufacturer’s rating.

Tire size will very with the year and make of the truck. It is best to call and discuss options with a representative.

Yes! All parts that we manufacture or carry have a one-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. You read more about our limited warranty here.

While aluminum wheel spacers may work in some applications, such as spacing wheels a short distance away from the hub, we specialize in dually conversions. This means that our adapters are generally wider than most spacers (ranging from 2″ to 4″) and are designed for people who need the functionality of a dually. 

In over 40 years we have not had a single one of our dually adapters fail on any of our customers. 

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